Galco-Climalife, the export subsidiary of Climalife, is one of the world’s leading distributors of products for refrigeration, air-conditioning and heating installations. The company sells a complete range of refrigerants and chemicals such as oils, heat transfer fluids, cleaning products, etc.

Founded in 1976, Galco-Climalife has built up a reputation as a modern partner, based on the formulation of innovative, durable products to continuously improve its services and develop specific partnerships with professionals in line with regulatory requirements.

Based in Belgium, Galco-Climalife with its head office in Brussels and its filling plant not far from Antwerp in order to use one of the largest ports in Europe as a gateway to international distribution.

With our filling plants and an impressive stock of bottles, ranging from disposable cartridges to ISO containers, we are able to guarantee supply to our customers on 5 continents and in more than 150 countries.

Galco-Climalife also benefits from the distribution network of Climalife’s 12 subsidiaries based in Europe in the following countries: Germany, Belgium, Spain, France, Hungary, Italy, Netherlands, United Kingdom, Russia, Scandinavia, Switzerland, Singapore.